Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Grand Opening

For some time now, our family has played with the idea of a home based business. We enjoy so many fresh and wholesome products created by our own hands, we thought one day we might go public. Last week, that day came.

In conjunction with our church, Calvary Chapel Fellowship of Foley, we offered the first of our "Homestead Products" for sale at the annual Elberta Sausage Festival.

I brought my fabulous hand-crafted, all natural soap.

Kurt brought some honey.

I made spindles and sewed high quality, one of a kind Christmas stockings.

My great friend, Darlene, visited from Brewton and kept my two youngest children at home for a couple extra hours of sleep. They joined us later. Gregory however, decided to help with the set up.

Calvary Chapel Fellowship of Foley did a fun outreach involving kids throwing rings over lollipops, which drew a grand crowd.

Even my children, who are rarely allowed store-bought treats, enjoyed the lollipops. Everyone had a great time and I discovered I really enjoy sharing my homestead products with the world, or at least southern Alabama.

Pastor Joe, who works very hard in church and out, made sure everyone around had a fantastic time and we are so grateful he invited us to join the church and launch our new business, Finchwald Homestead!


  1. I'm so excited for you! The product lineup sounds wonderful, especially the soaps. MMMmmmm Good Job

  2. Congratulations Deborah - what a great idea! Your stuff looks great. How did you pick your name Finchwald?

  3. Heather, my last name, Lofink, literally means "the finch." It is German and started as a nickname for "a happy and independent person like a finch in the woods." "Wald" is German for "woods." Thus, "Finchwald" or finch-woods homestead. And our little homestead is tucked in the woods so the name fits us perfectly.

  4. Products look wonderful and you seem off to a great start!

  5. Great job, Deborah! Glad the craft fair was a great success for all, too.

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your soaps. The tea tree "Breathe Easy" is SO calming & the Double Mint...what can I say except, "It doubles the pleasure!" Blessings to you for sharing these great products with us.