Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Royal Scarf

The weaving bug has me in it's teeth. I've been having a great time weaving on both my floor loom and my rigid heddle loom.

This classic Perl cotton scarf is $65.00 plus shipping. (SOLD)

Made from 100% mercerized cotton, it has a very nice sheen.

The pattern repeats are small so this scarf would be perfect for a man.

Though it's classic style would be great for a woman too.

It is navy or royal blue and taupe.

It is a generous 65 inches long, excluding the 5 inch fringe on either end.

And 8 inches wide.

For Sale: $65.00 plus shipping. (SOLD)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Work

I love winter. A homesteading lifestyle follows the seasons and each season has it's work. Winters however, are not so driven. Winters are the time for spinning, knitting, weaving and creative things.

I had the opportunity to knit a winter set for a friend to give her daughter for Christmas.

She commissioned me to knit a scarf and beret for her teenage daughter in purple and left the details to me.

I designed a matching scarf and beret with sequins and textured knitting. I figured I'd hit the mark when Gabrielle wistfully asked if I really wasn't working on her Christmas present.

I loved how the set turned out and am kicking myself for not writing down the pattern.

I spent a lot of time at the loom this winter too. I made some Christmas presents and just finished a birthday scarf for a family friend.

In fact, we are leaving within the hour for the birthday celebration. I will get to give him his scarf then.

I love how masculine the scarf looks, since that can be difficult to achieve. I made a second one in taupe and navy and plan to offer it for sale. I've got some future weaving projects planned as well, so "stay tuned."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stockings and Other Homestead Crafts

I've been sewing for a long time and I really enjoy it. This year I thought I'd create my own pattern for Christmas Stockings and offer something really unique this holiday season. I wanted a Christmas stocking that would last, that was lined and that was made from quality fabrics full of textures. I love texture! I love blending textures. Even more than working with colors, I love working with textures. Did I mention how much I love texture?

Here are the Handmade Christmas Stockings I still have for sale. Each one is unique and is a limited edition item. They are a bargain at $20 each, but if you want 2 or more, they are $15 each. Just email me (link on the right) and tell me the number of the one(s) you would like. I will email you with a price that includes shipping or I can Pay-pal invoice you if you would prefer.


Each stocking is about 12" X 9" at the widest parts. I designed the stocking foot to hang well as a seasonal decoration in addition to being fully functional as a Christmas stocking.

There is a poorly placed ruler next to this one for reference.

Stocking Number 1: (SOLD)

Stocking number 1 is made from a lovely textured fabric in an old fashioned weave. The cuff is a highly textured white fabric that blends perfectly with the stocking itself. Stocking number 1 is a perfect addition to an old fashioned Christmas decor.

Stocking Number 2: (SOLD)

Stocking Number 2 uses a lovely textured fabric reminiscent of days of old, but is topped with a faux leather cuff, blending not only some very interesting textures and colors, but giving it a modern flair. A great addition to any Christmas decor.

Stocking Number 3: (SOLD)

Stocking Number 3 sports a sueded fabric foot in a holiday design, topped by a textured white cuff. The cuff embroidery reminds us, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season."

Stocking Number 4: (SOLD)

Stocking Number 4 sports a red sueded fabric foot in a holiday design and is topped by a golden faux leather cuff. The cuff embroidery reminds us, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season."

Stocking Number 5: (SOLD)

A red sueded foot topped by a faux leather cuff makes a delightful Stocking Number 5.

Stocking Number 6: (SOLD)

A pretty cotton Christmas print topped by a textured white cuff embroidered with a pair of candy canes makes up stocking number 6.

Stocking Number 7: (SOLD)

A pretty plaid and gold lame' stocking number 7 reminds us, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season."

Stocking Number 8:

A traditional red velveteen stocking number 8 topped by a prettily textured white cuff reminds us, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season."

Stocking Number 9:

Stocking number 9 has pretty poinsettia cotton print foot topped by a gold lame cuff and reminds us, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season."

Stocking Number 10: (SOLD)

Stocking number 10 uses a pretty poinsettia fabric in the foot and the faux leather cuff sports a bell and holly embroidery design.

Stocking Number 11: (SOLD)

Stocking number 11 has a pretty Christmas scene cotton foot with a golden faux leather cuff. A pretty addition to any Christmas decor and crafted to last a lifetime.

Stocking Number 12:

Santa, reindeer and snowmen adorn the cotton fabric foot of stocking number 12. A pretty white textured cuff tops it off.

Stocking Number 13:

Stocking number 13 has an old fashioned green velveteen foot and a textured white cuff reminding us, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season."

Stocking Number 14: (SOLD)

Stocking number 14 has a faux soft leather foot and a textured white cuff. The beautiful holiday embroidery on the cuff pulls in just enough red and green for this stocking to fit into any Christmas decor.

Stocking Number 15:

Elegant stocking number 15 is made from a super soft, faux leather with a Santa applique. It is topped by a pretty white textured cuff.

Stocking Number 16: (SOLD)

Stocking number 16 has a pretty crisp, golden, lame' foot and a nicely textured white cuff with a pretty Christmas embroidery.

Stocking Number 17: (SOLD)

Stocking number 17 is a pretty tone on tone white stocking with a highly textured foot topped by a white velveteen cuff. The simple elegance of this stocking will accent any Christmas decor.

Stocking Number 18: (SOLD)

Pretty stocking number 18 has a white textured foot, a white velveteen cuff with a pretty Christmas embroidery to pull just a hint of color into it's design. A great addition to your holiday decor.

Toy Wheel Spindles

Just for fun and because I am a hopeless fiber enabler, I made a number of pretty toy wheel spindles. I couldn't believe how popular they turned out to be at the couple of Arts Festivals I attended. I only have a few left:

I love iSpindle for spindling directions online. If you are a spindle collector or someone who would like to try the ancient art of spindling, try one of these pretty spindles today! Here they are again close up:

Spindles are $20 and come with a generous sample of prepared fiber to get you started.

Handwoven Bookmarks

Handwoven bookmarks make wonderful, unique gifts and can be slipped inside a greeting card for easy delivery. Finished bookmarks are approximately 5 1/4" X 1 3/4". They are $3 each.


These purple and golden purple bookmarks are woven from handspun, handpainted silk. Each one is truly one of a kind.

Wool, Cashmere and Silk:

With pretty fall reds, these lovely handwoven bookmarks from wool, cashmere and silk yarn are sure to please!


The softest wool comes from merino sheep and these blue and black handwoven bookmarks are pure merino, through and through.


In pretty pink and purple handwoven cotton, these bookmarks are sure to please.

Thank you so much for looking at our hand crafted homestead offerings. In addition to our handcrafted soaps (list on the sidebar at the right), we offer locally made-in-America gifts and crafts. If you live in Baldwin County, Alabama, we also have local, honey raised without chemicals and soon, homemade jams from locally grown fruits and berries. We appreciate you supporting our local business!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Grand Opening

For some time now, our family has played with the idea of a home based business. We enjoy so many fresh and wholesome products created by our own hands, we thought one day we might go public. Last week, that day came.

In conjunction with our church, Calvary Chapel Fellowship of Foley, we offered the first of our "Homestead Products" for sale at the annual Elberta Sausage Festival.

I brought my fabulous hand-crafted, all natural soap.

Kurt brought some honey.

I made spindles and sewed high quality, one of a kind Christmas stockings.

My great friend, Darlene, visited from Brewton and kept my two youngest children at home for a couple extra hours of sleep. They joined us later. Gregory however, decided to help with the set up.

Calvary Chapel Fellowship of Foley did a fun outreach involving kids throwing rings over lollipops, which drew a grand crowd.

Even my children, who are rarely allowed store-bought treats, enjoyed the lollipops. Everyone had a great time and I discovered I really enjoy sharing my homestead products with the world, or at least southern Alabama.

Pastor Joe, who works very hard in church and out, made sure everyone around had a fantastic time and we are so grateful he invited us to join the church and launch our new business, Finchwald Homestead!