Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Work

I love winter. A homesteading lifestyle follows the seasons and each season has it's work. Winters however, are not so driven. Winters are the time for spinning, knitting, weaving and creative things.

I had the opportunity to knit a winter set for a friend to give her daughter for Christmas.

She commissioned me to knit a scarf and beret for her teenage daughter in purple and left the details to me.

I designed a matching scarf and beret with sequins and textured knitting. I figured I'd hit the mark when Gabrielle wistfully asked if I really wasn't working on her Christmas present.

I loved how the set turned out and am kicking myself for not writing down the pattern.

I spent a lot of time at the loom this winter too. I made some Christmas presents and just finished a birthday scarf for a family friend.

In fact, we are leaving within the hour for the birthday celebration. I will get to give him his scarf then.

I love how masculine the scarf looks, since that can be difficult to achieve. I made a second one in taupe and navy and plan to offer it for sale. I've got some future weaving projects planned as well, so "stay tuned."


  1. Masculine but VERY classic. Love the scarf! The knitted set also looks great and I can imagine any girl being delighted with getting it. You have a wonderful talent!
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. The hat and scarf set is gorgeous. So, is the scarf.